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  1. J4rrod's Avatar

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    Debating bidding on this black 900 on eBay that ends soon. I did not want black, but I gotta say it does look good I originally wanted white, and my gf has cyan. What do you guys think? Does the black beat the other colors?

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    I wanted a cyan but black was the only color in stock so i bought it and it looks really good, I decided to keep it.
    Also dirt may get into scratches on the white or cyan lumia and become visible. Cnet brought up a good point in their review that said they are afraid the cyan may discolor or get darker overtime due to dirt or oil/grease build up.
  3. VineRider's Avatar

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    I have cyan, wife has black. Both look great. Black is more business like, cyan is more avant garde. I like both. Can't go wrong with black
  4. lilb1190's Avatar

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    If you put a cover over it, then it wont really matter, right?
  5. jaj324's Avatar

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    I have black and wouldn't want any other color. The cyan is just too much and tbe white is shiny and cheap looking. Call me a sexist but men should have the black one.

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  6. jimski's Avatar

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    Got the black, but just put a cyan gel case on it, so getting best of both worlds. But I did read that these gel cases (anything but black) starts to discover at touch point pretty quickly. So may use it sparingly. Then again, its only money.

    Note that the Nokia gel cases (also available through AT&T) work and look a lot better. I have a knockoff and it's ok, but very rubbery feeling and thicker.

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  7. apRPhle's Avatar

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    I got the black one but if I had to do it all over again I would've gone white with a black gel case.
  8. Duvi's Avatar
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    I'm happy with my black. I did want cyan at first, then white when announced, but since I'm using a black gel (from AT&T), might as well keep the black.
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    I chose cyan, since I've never owned a cellphone that was not black previously.

    If cyan were not available, black would be my second choice. I do not like any electronic devices that are white.
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  10. ItsDon's Avatar

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    I've got a cyan and love it. I also bought the ATT black case and use it when I have a meeting. The case covers 99% of the cyan, it looks just like the black version. I like options.
  11. sting7k's Avatar

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    The only color I want is black for any phone.
  12. hellomiggy's Avatar

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    I wanted to be different since everyone else has a white phone or a black phone. After owning two black iPhones, I was waiting for the White Lumia to come out. I wanted the phone ASAP. Got the Cyan one and I feel as if I didn't make a mistake. My phone now matches my shoes.
  13. massifheed's Avatar

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    I went for the white. I really liked it, but then figured I just had to buy a case for it, and the only cases they had in the store were cyan and lime green. Needless to say, I went for the cyan hoping that it would look ok on a white phone and, to be honest, you can hardly see any of the white at all through the case. Just a thin (less than 1mm) strip around the screen, which actually looks quite cool, and a small amount around the speaker and USB port.

    My opinion - go for the black, then as others have said, change the colour if you want with the Nokia gel cases (they seem to fit the best).
  14. Old_Cus's Avatar

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    Mine is black, my case is black, my wired headsets are black, my blue tooth is black.

    It is a very formal phone, one I can take everywhere.
  15. Jrexxx's Avatar

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    I wish there Nokia could do a mat white version like the HTC One X. Yes, I know that it has a bunch of disadvantages like this: HTC One X white version doesn’t mix with blue jeans | Android Community
  16. Suri Juris's Avatar

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    I wanted Cyan... I got the black because that's all that was left.. My Darth Vader is hot tho.. Im glad I got the black one now... Its Boss looking...B.A.A. (Business Attire Accessory)..lol

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