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    I'm frustrated beyond belief. I bought a used Lumia 900 online and of course it only had some knockoff 700ma charger, not the original Nokia 1A version.

    I went to AT&T, asked them to sell me a replacement and they offered a generic charger. Don't want that, I asked for the original one that's in the box. They said just call Nokia, they will take care of you.

    I called Nokia. Got a serious runaround and the guy said we don't have a sales department, go to Amazon.com/nokia and you can buy one. Was online while on the phone and told him I didn't see the original one. He said here it is:

    Amazon.com: CrazyOnDigital Auto Car, Home Wall Charger and USB Data Cable For AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 (White). CrazyOnDigital Retail Package: Cell Phones & Accessories

    He even read it out "De Crazy On Digital One Sir" (thick accent). I said I appreciate you trying to help, but as I originally asked, I need the original one that Nokia makes for the Lumia 900, not some knockoff junk. He said "no problem sir, please coordinate with your service provider." I reminded him that I was JUST in the AT&T store and they said just to call Nokia and they would send me one.

    He paused and said "well we don't have one to sell." I asked what if I had it and it was defective? Would Nokia send me some Crazy on digital version or would they send me a genuine, 1A white wall charger. He said they would send a direct replacement identical to one in the box.

    So here I sit on hold why this guy tries to find someone at Nokia who will sell me a real charger.

    Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    Is it really that hard to provide replacement parts Nokia? Or am I the first person on this planet to ask for a real replacement charger? This is laughable.
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    that's weird , my carrier can Order individual *official* accessories from the box.

    Bell ( Canada).

    maybe try a company that sales Nokia devices ( future shop , best buy etc..)
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    Called AT&T again. They said call Nokia.

    On a side note, the Nokia guy did say they would grant me a "one time courtesy exception" for a replacement, but they don't have any in stock (really?). He said "call back in, oh, one month to two weeks and check again."

    So, who knows if/when I will actually be able to procure one.

    Nokia needs some supply chain 101 man. Seriously.
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    there are too many to buy from ! like amazon ebay and TD , I bought from TD many times ! u can check out here:http://forums.windowscentral.com/e?l...token=-ZINs78C
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    Quote Originally Posted by yuesir View Post
    there are too many to buy from ! like amazon ebay and TD , I bought from TD many times ! u can check out here:TinyDeal - Search Results - China Wholesale, Online Shop, Dropship, Free Shipping
    Right, and none are the original charger that's included in the Lumia 900 box. I have an arsenal of generic chargers. That's not what I need.
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    You don't need the orginal one. As long as it's the right voltage and produces the right current, it'll work just fine. The ones sold at the AT&T store are not junk and are compatible. In fact, they're probably made out of the same parts and built in the same factory. Get over yourself.

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