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    My battery has been dying quickly over the past several days. I charge it every night, and then have to charge again by early afternoon. Not only that, but I caught it today doing this:

    1. Looked at battery stats and saw 33% left.
    2. A few minutes later, it was 66%! No, it wasn't plugged in.
    3. 5 minutes after that, battery saver kicked in and it was at 23%.

    So what's up with this? Has anyone else had this happen? What should I do?

    Could the battery be fine, but the OS is reporting it wrong?

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    Wow. You know I noticed this today myself. I knew that since the last update the meter didn't start registering until after the first 10% was drained. Today however I noted that I checked the battery and it was down to 49% at one point and then jumped to 55%.

    I think there is some weird firmware stuff going on in registering the battery useage. Hopefully when we get the Tango update this will get resolved.
  3. bassrocks's Avatar

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    So I caught my phone in an interesting situation today. After just a few hours of use, the phone told me the battery was critically low. I checked Settings, and the Battery Saver screen said it was at 13%. I checked Nokia Diagnostics, and it said 60%. I restarted the phone, and then they both agreed on 60%.

    What's going on here? You'd think the OS would get the battery remaining info from the hardware (and that it would be more or less accurate).

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