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    Hey Everyone,

    Is anyone else having problems with the Nokia Counters App?

    I installed the latest Tango update, but I still get the pop up telling me that I can't use this app till I upgrade my OS via Zune.

    I'm on AT&T if that helps narrow things down.

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    if you went through the XDA opdate process youmay not have received the firmware update . That could be the issue!
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    I already had it downloaded before the Tango update. After I updated, it has started working (seemingly) fine.
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    Is it in the MP, can't find it even after listing all Nokia apps.
  5. DanSmithKY's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by theefman View Post
    Is it in the MP, can't find it even after listing all Nokia apps.
    Try this link on your phone:
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    they have made it harder than **** to find that app. I got it and tried it, but it seemed a little lacking.
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    Finally got it figured out.

    I was using Zune for mac (long story), and after my update, it told me I had no more updates even though I did. I didn't realize this till next morning when I saw a message telling me an update is available. I had to unplug my phone each time and manually force it to check for updates.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I'm pretty sure I had the same problem. I'm also on a Mac and the windows phone 7 connector app told me I was all done yet the new Nokia apps were telling me my phone's software was not up to date. Today my phone told me I had more updates available.... two actually. Not really sure what's going on but I love updates so whatever!

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