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  • 2 Post By simzzdev
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  1. simzzdev's Avatar

    18 Posts
    So I dropped my Lumia 900 a while back without a case on, onto the street, and got a small crack at the bottom of the screen. I was mad, but didn't mind too much... then a couple months later dropped it again onto a wood floor, about a foot less of a drop than the previous drop, with a case on, and the whole thing just shattered. So I bought a LCD/digitizer online to replace it with, and after some slightly scary moments I was able to fix it. Now it is beautiful and perfect again. Also, the unresponsive/sticky buttons issue known in L900's was present in my phone with the old screen, but the new screen I replaced it with fixed it!

    PICTURE: Repaired my #Lumia900 screen (was cracked). As an added bonus... on Twitpic

    So if anyone is interested, there's my story... Post comments if you want, have you cracked your Lumia?
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  2. 12Danny123's Avatar

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    2,335 Global Posts
    wow you are good. I cry when I break my phones :)
  3. simzzdev's Avatar

    18 Posts
    Haha, well I am surprised I didn't ruin it worse in the process of repairing it... The YouTube video makes it look much easier :)
  4. mjdale's Avatar

    2 Posts
    where did you order the screen from?
  5. 1jaxstate1's Avatar

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    3,479 Global Posts
    What tools did you use? Can we see the replacement screen?
  6. mjdale's Avatar

    2 Posts
    I am very interested, destroyed my screen last week. I am seeing screens on line for sale anywhere from 88.00 all the way up to 200. I am confident that I can replace it but I don't want to get scammed on the purchase
  7. simzzdev's Avatar

    18 Posts
    I bought this screen here from eBay for about $130: LCD Screen + Touch Digitizer Assembly for NOKIA Lumia 900 Replacement +Too (with tools included)

    This YouTube video is what helped me:

    You can probably find cheaper online, but I trusted eBay and it came with tools. I attached a picture of the cracked screen. The new one looked exactly the same, but not cracked obviously.
  8. simzzdev's Avatar

    18 Posts
    By the way, I think all the eBay screens come from China. Mine took 2 weeks to ship here to the U.S.

    If you see the small, thin, curved crack in the lower left corner, that's the original crack I mentioned in my first post.
  9. simzzdev's Avatar

    18 Posts
    Thanks for the tip, I actually did check that site, but at the time it was like $30 more, and with shipping would have been more than eBay. Now it ends up being $110 including shipping, which is almost $20 less than I paid.
  10. ChadWilliams23's Avatar

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    I had to do the same thing. I also switched out the black housing for a cyan one.
  11. simzzdev's Avatar

    18 Posts
    Cool. I got a cyan and wanted to switch it for a white, but they were a lot more expensive in white. Plus, I don't think I could do it. It was hard enough for me to do just the screen.
  12. Abby_Fith143's Avatar

    1 Posts
    hi I am happy you fixed your screen with out any problems, my phone cracked can you tell me the place/website where you got the screen and how much it cost. I don't care if I have to fix it my self but I am just scared that I will get ripped off.
  13. simzzdev's Avatar

    18 Posts
    Wow, it's been a while since anyone posted on this.
    Anyway, I just bought a digitizer/lcd screen for the L900 from eBay (bought the cheapest one I could find that included tools, it came from China)
    Then I found a video from YouTube on how to replace the Lumia 900's screen. My biggest regret was not watching it carefully-I missed the part where it said to use a heat gun or similar to melt the glue on the battery. Luckily, it turned out fine. Just make sure to watch and listen carefully.

    Good luck and I hope this helped.

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