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    Are any other Canadian Lumia 900 owners not allowed to download Nokia Music? It says due to my location I am unable to download Nokia Music. Are there any Rogers, Fido, Bell, etc. customers that can't download nokia Music?
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    Nokia Music is not available for Canada yet. I assume Nokia needs to get artist copyright permissions for every individual country.

    I'm more pissed off at the lack of Nokia Network Setup app. I'm using a Telus-branded unlocked 800 on the Fido network and I can't send / receive MMS or send group texts!
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    Yeah, well Nokia doesn't seem to really care about supporting Canada in general.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmcelreavy View Post
    Yeah, well Nokia doesn't seem to really care about supporting Canada in general.
    You could say the same about Microsoft here in Europe or in Asia.
    To this day MS hasn't provided Zune pass or even getting background pictures on artist on Zune music player.

    At least Nokia is pushing it's services globally. Only use Nokia Music and abandoned Zune music totally.
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    I emailed Nokia customer support about this very thing a few days ago. They answered me back, saying that Nokia Music was not available in Canada. I asked about future availability in my email, but they said noting in their answer to address that issue, so assume it might not happen. Oh well......
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    Im a lumia800 unlocked owner in canada and nokia music is unavaible as well as netwwork setup app 2.5

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