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  1. Splitz's Avatar

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    Hi guys, I'm currently an owner of an HTC Vivid running ICS.

    My new employer provides cell phones for all management and (un)fortunately(?) I didn't have a choice as they'll provide a Lumia 900 unlimited everything.

    Any former Android OS users out there that switched to this phone? How was the transition? Obviously I'm new to WindowsPhone but I've been doing a little research on integration with Microsoft Office products which is going to be extremely important with my new position.

    I'm currently in a 2 year contract with AT&T (as of this March). I was going to give it a few months and pay the ETF on the Vivid (sell the phone to make up for it) so I wouldn't have to pay the monthly bill on it. Basically break even.

  2. larrynj's Avatar

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    I went from Android to the 900 6 months ago. It's much better with your work exchange, Outlook and office. Which are the most important things to me. I'm confident you'll be more than happy. With Android I had to buy a $25 program just to get something half way decent to work with exchange.
  3. wamsille's Avatar

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    I came from the Android ecosystem - I spent quite a bit on apps for my phones. Still, the core functionality baked into Windows Phone beats Android. Integration with Office is Gravy. (Actual Office, not a half-baked alternative) I never had to worry about Exchange integration but I would have paid $25 for Touchdown based on the reason larrynj posted.
  4. St_Deborah's Avatar

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    I had like this long post written and accidentally lost it, but coming from the sgs 2 Skyrocket running ICS, I like my Lumia a lot. It is the best touch screen experience to type on to date imo, and that is even in comparison to Swype. It is fluid and awesome to use. If you were an app junkie, the marketplace leaves something to be desired. I wasn't an app junkie by I did notice the difference. Other than that and a few basic things, I like my phone a lot. It is a great communicator. I'm. A writer, and due to work and so forth, i get a ton of emails and texts...

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  5. pfe1223's Avatar

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    If you use a lot of Google products and services, then the transition to Windows Phone is not totally smooth. I've been a huge fan of Nokia Maps/Drive since Symbian. Is Google Maps better? I don't know, I certainly have not had an issue when Nokia Drive has let me down. I really like Google Reader, and there is no official app. I have used the web interface, but it is not a slick as an app. I think Reader falls into the category of the services that can be replaced with an WP7 app without any loss of functionality. I like Google Listen as my podcatcher. It is no longer supported, and it is not as robust as some of the other apps out there, but the integration with Reader is great. I have a professional learning community on G+. The native app experience is better than the web experience. Gmail, however, is one area that I wish was better on the 900. What I really want is the ability to archive an email from my phone and have it archived on my Gmail account. Maybe there is a way to do this, but I haven't found one. Also using labels would be nice as I filter my email as it arrives. Some of the labels don't make it to my inbox, but I would like to see them from time to time.

    I think the bottom line is that the more tied you are to Google services, the bumpy the transition will be. Really, Gmail is the only place in which you have to make a big compromise. Everything else, I believe, has a pretty good equivalent on WP7. Though I really like the fact that you can get a Nexus device for a very affordable price, have the option of going with a prepaid route, and then getting timely updates. You just don't see that on WP, but Nokia seems to do a better job of getting updates out than some of the other manufacturers (certainly was the case for the original Titan I briefly had).
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  6. Duvi's Avatar
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    Welcome to WPC and soon, the WP platform.

    Why not have your job take over your phone number and bring it to your company's account? This way, you keep your cellphone number and if you ever leave the company or they stop paying for it, you can do a transfer of liability and put it back in your name.
  7. Splitz's Avatar

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    Thanks for the input!

    I'm actually quite excited to try something new. I was Blackberry OS from 2004 to 2012, and only had Gingerbread for a month, then transitioned to ICS after AT&T pushed it. I'm quite familiar with iOS (since iPod Touch 3rd Gen) and iOS never appealed to me and I'm not an app junky.

    I don't use my phone much for things other then texting/calling/light surfing. Battery life has much to be desired on the Vivid so I scaled back my web usage because of that.

    After doing some comparisons between WP and ICS is doesn't support WP at this time nor have a clue when they will. I love that app/widget but I'll live without it. And has an app as a last resort. It also seems there's a Tapatalk equivelent which is a great help as I'm a very active user on another forum. All of the other stuff that I have app wise, I can live without or there is a WP equivelent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Duvi View Post
    Welcome to WPC and soon, the WP platform.

    Why not have your job take over your phone number and bring it to your company's account? This way, you keep your cellphone number and if you ever leave the company or they stop paying for it, you can do a transfer of liability and put it back in your name.
    Thanks for the welcome, Duvi. I asked this very question and IT said they weren't authorized to do that. So I'll be issued a new cell phone number (ugh!) and they're setting everything up. They will allow personal email (I use GMail) to the phone at least.

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