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    Can any one shed any light on the issue of Bluetooth file sharing for the Nokia 900 Lumia (Vodafone - UK), my phone has just come back from repair and I notice it has the newer mods for Win 7.8 (more theme colours, adjustable tiles etc) and in the "About" section for settings I can see the phone is now running 7.8.

    However I still have no option to Blue pics/tunes etc. This is a feature I could really do with and was let down after realising it was not on the phone after purchase.

    There is supposed to be a Blue toothBluetooth Share app in the Marketplace but it's not in the Market Place as I see it.

    Any help useful.

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    Bluetooth file sharing was meant to be part of the OS after the 7.8 update. What happens if you turn Bluetooth on then open your camera roll, select a picture then tap Menu (three white dots) then Share? Does Bluetooth then appear as a sharing option?
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    It's there without needing to turn bluetooth on.
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    Unfortunately no option for sharing via Bluetooth.
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    Where and how, exactly.

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