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    I updated to 7.8 on my Lumia 900 a couple of days ago. Since then I have noticed that all the tiles on my home screen have become slow to respond. The time lag between the small visual motion that confirms when you touch any icon and the corresponding app launching has increased. This process was much faster on 7.5. Now I feel like I have to wait for ages between clicking on the Email tile and the Inbox actually opening. Anyone else experience this ?
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    I updated mine on 30 January, and I have not noticed any difference or any lag on mine.
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    Ive noticed this on my 800. Tried a wipe but that didn't help. Most of the tiles respond quite quickly as usual, the one that is very noticeable is the marketplace icon. The other slower ones surprisingly are system apps like mail client, calendar etc. The independent developer apps are all still really fast. Strange and kind of annoying really.
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    Tiles are a bit slower after updating to 7.8
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    sometimes they are unresponsive =/
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    I use NL800 to and it got slow after the first wave 7.8 but now with the last update it's like a 2 year old android.... :D Hope MS does something aboute it!
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    Mine have been slow to open since I updated to 7.8 also. It's quite annoying after having used the super-fluid 7.5 for months. It's one of many reasons why I'm going to buy a used 920 on Ebay to hold me over until my contract ends.
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    Don't have any issues with slowness on my Lumia 900. I love the 7.8 update.

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