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    I am already on contract with AT&T and am also eligible for a phone upgrade.

    When I called AT&T to upgrade to the Lumia 920, they said the upgrade price is $199 and the $99 is only for 'online' orders.

    So, they wouldn't sell me the phone for $99.

    Was I just unlucky with the sales rep or is this how it actually is suppose to be?
  2. chaosavatar123's Avatar

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    Call again, I think you just got unlucky ... the final price should be $99 excluding tax and upgrade fee

    If it doesn't work out I recommend just ordering online or going to your local ATT store and pre-order (like I did)
  3. DKDogz54's Avatar

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    Same thing happened to me. I called in the first time, since I was under contract, they had to override for an early upgrade, but could only offer $199. They wouldn't budge in lowering it to $99. So I declined and called again.

    The second time, the next rep declined even doing the override, stating that I already called and was "declined an override for the $99 deal". He read it as a decline to override in general, so now I can't even get the $199 price!

    It sounds like this may happen to you too, so be cautious...
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    Same thing happened to me this morning I wound up ordering on line.
  5. Landsharkk's Avatar

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    Thank you for the replies. I avoided going into an AT&T store hoping to just call them from home. I guess I should have stopped into the store.

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