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    I use the red tiles with my Cyan 920.
  2. Jmaxim's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdford View Post
    That's the only reason I am hesitant on purchasing the red lumia is because some tiles wont really match well. Gona have to really mess with it at the store tomorrow if they have demos to mess with. Might go with black and add gel case if I want color.
    With Xmas just over a month away the red would be a hit especially with green tiles. But then what do you do on 12/26.
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    Is anyone else upset in what the actual yellow home screen theme looks like? It is not a nice vibrant yellow like most colors available!!! (Violet, indigo, pink, red, blue, greens)

    I want the yellow phone, but after picking up two for family members yesterday and seeing the look of the phone in black, I don't mind it as much in black as I thought...

    Just worried the yellow with yellow is going to be the one theme I actually don't like as I am hating the look of yellow home theme colors...

    Now do i get the yellow phone for the yellow backing shell, and still just use any color I want on the front...Or do I get the black...I don't think i can hold out for the grey a whole month away, even the wait on yellow is killing me...
  4. vizagdude's Avatar

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    Yesterday I got my wife's Red 920. After trying out different colors apart form the usual Red and stuff, she like the Orange one.
  5. Oridus's Avatar

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    On my yellow lumia.










    Sent from my Yellow Lumia 920.
  6. Lloyd Grose's Avatar

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    I have two 920's a black one and a red one. One has to go but which one?
  7. eallan's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd Grose View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lumia-9201.jpg 
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    I have two 920's a black one and a red one. One has to go but which one?
    I wish I could help, but I cannot. I have a white and cyan one, and one has to go!
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    Any color can go with white, that's why I chose the white lumia eventually.
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    I don't have a pic of mine but, I got a RED lumia and I use the yellow tiles!! LOL!!
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    Yes. Go to the email setting and change it to as items arrive.

    And to change the tile color, go to settings, theme, click accent color, VOILÁ!!
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    Erm. Do you like to stand out? Do you like to be like everyone else? Do you want color? Do you want a color (well, black) that doesn't bother anyone?

    I like yellow, but I seem that you like red. So keep the red.
  12. Lloyd Grose's Avatar

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    Ha! Red it is!!!
  13. Illicit Hero's Avatar

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    Loving the Cyan with the Orange tiles
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    I think the white looks sweet in high contrast mode too
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  15. irvin792's Avatar

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    The red is way too orange for my liking, much oranger than my HTC Titan's red. And red is my favorite color, when its not orange :(

    Colors are too warm
    Last edited by irvin792; 11-16-2012 at 11:37 PM.
  16. Petri L's Avatar

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    I have a yellow one. And i would like to keep it just yellow and black.
    So aiming to change the text (forgroundcolor) of the yellow tiles to black.
    Or if i could get black tiles with yellow edges and yellow text.
    Is there a way to do this?
  17. lfjj's Avatar

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    This is the reason why I decided to get the white (even tho I bought the black lol)
  18. kumasokka's Avatar

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    Red looks especially snappy with Steel tiles.
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