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    I just got my Lumia 920 a day ago and so far I love the OS and the phone itself. Was an iPhone user since it's launch and decided it was time to try something new and exciting. The biggest issue I am having at the moment is with friends/contact who own iPhones and whom I used iMessage with. I can send them text messages from my Lumia but when they reply, it only appears on my iOS devices (iPhone,iPad). I have no issues whatsoever with any Android users so it seems to be some iMessage issue.

    Anyone experiencing this and If so, any fixes?

  2. sabotagebx's Avatar

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    happens to me as well, I just put my iphone in airplane mode. when its connected to wifi though the imessages start again. just leave it in airplane mode
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    Had same issue. I had to turn off iMessage on my iPad
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    This was happening to me too. I turned iMessage off on my iphone. I tested it with a friend and on his phone it didn't say "delivered" after I had turned it off. After a few minutes the texts he had sent to me, initially through imessage, came through on my 920.
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    Same here, I had to turn of that MMS feature on my old iPhone and after a few mins it all worked great.
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    same here. couldn't you just resintall iOS without the SIM card so it doesn't have all that information on the device. I'm gonna do that now cuz everyone I know has an Iphone and I get messages on my 5 and not my 920.
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    It's because your iMessage is linked to your Apple ID rather than your phone number. The settings for this can be changed under messages I believe
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  8. Fyr
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    Does anybody have a way to do this when the iPhone is dead?
    I tried deleting the phone from my apple account, but that didn't help.
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    I changed my email address on itunes and it worked.
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    Put sim back in iphone, disable sending imessages with phone number, only email address then turn off imessages in settings. Restart phone. Take sim out.

    Then do this:

    1. Tell them to go to: https://supportprofile.apple.com/MySupportProfile.do
    2. Log in with their Apple ID.
    3. Click on “edit products”
    4. Click on the “x” to the right of the product.
    5. Click “unregister”

    Worked for me!
    I still use imessages on my laptop to occasionally send messages to friends who have ipads/iphones. Just make sure to never let imessages authorise your phone number. Only log on with your email on other devices and remove your phone number :)

    I figured this would happened so i started this process about a week before i got my lumia lol.

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