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    For some reason, under my email+accounts settings I've got my Microsoft account listed with "attention required" labeled under it. When I proceed to click on it, the new window states "Hotmail Password Is Incorrect". The thing is, the email that is used for my Microsoft account is not a hotmail email, the password is correct, and my microsoft account works on the phone because I have no issues with my games tile.

    But what annoys me the most, is anytime I go to a part of my OS that pulls from my email, I get a notification saying that one of my email accounts require attention.
    For some reason I'm not getting the option to delete the account, so do any of you have any ideas on how to resolve this?
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    If it's not a Hotmail account, open the account settings and uncheck Email sync. Problem solved, I'm betting.
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    So did that work for you? I have the exact same issue and I can't see a way to uncheck email sync.
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    Well, I ended up resetting my phone and that fixed it for me.
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    Yeah resetting has been fixing most of my issues! I had this with my new Titan and it's the same story here. I don't mind really because with each reset my problems seem to be lesser and lesser. I am still surprised to see that the emails that synced well with WP7, don't sync with WP8 anymore!
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    Does anyone know what the server name for the Microsoft account should be? I unchecked "Sync Email" but I'm still having the problem, and I'm wondering if it has to do with the server name. I don't want to reset my phone, because this all started when I couldn't back up my text messages, and I don't want to lose them (yet).

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