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    Get cyan 920 today, turns into fireball after first five mins. An 1:14:34 phone call gets me nothing with att. Three reps tell me I can't send it back, and they can only send a refurb phone. Its been out five days, how us that possible??

    So I eventually decide screw this, iPhone five. The tonight, I thought I really don't want one, i dont want a 4S retread (I've got one already) I'm calling att again.

    Then, two reps later, low and behold, I get a phone number to call get my phone replaced. I call tomorrow, they send one out. When it comes, I send the fireball back, and everyone wins.

    When I asked why I wasn't told this earlier, they night shift had no idea why the day shift told me what they did. Att fail ir win, I haven't decided.

    I guess I will know when the next phone comes and if it overheats, the battery isn't good or any other issue that's popped up!
    Make with the WP purchase already one time why dontcha for pete's sake. Honestly.....

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