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    there for windows phones. I keep seeing different numbers. Anyone have an up to date total. Thanks
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    You'll get different numbers depending on whether you're looking at WP7, WP7.5, WP8, and whether you're talking apps available in a specific country or apps for all countries.
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    It's more important, IMO, to ask what functionality is/isn't there than how many apps there are. There can be a billion and one apps, but if the one(s) you need isn't there, the hgih numbers don't help you much.

    When I started with WP7.5 there was a lot missing. On WP8 there are a lot more, though still a few gaps (some filled in by similar apps). We are seeing a lot higher developer adoption, so I am betting we will start seeing Windows catch up here.

    Also, as a side note, windows Phone doesn;t consider the trials as a second app, whereas iOS and Android do. So for things like games that often have a "lite" version, Android and iOS will count it as two apps where as WP just one.

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