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    Hi there. I'm looking to buy a Lumia 920, but I can't decide between the red model or the yellow model, they're both amazing! Can anyone here post some good quality pictures of their red or yellow 920 so I can compare? I've seen some by google searching but there's not many real life pictures out there. Thanks :)
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    Anyone? I'm thinking Red but Idk.
  3. MikadoWu's Avatar

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    I have Cyan, bought Mom Red. Daughters Yellow be here this week..... The Red is Awesome... Holding judgment till I get hand on Yellow.


    Yellow Just came.... It is Gorgeous. Very Bright and Vibrant. May be the best looking of them all.

    I would say go with your gut, but it is damn pretty, and My daughter is thrilled.

    I have, 2 Cyan, 1 Red, 1 Black, now 1 Yellow.......
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    Went to a Microsoft store on the way home from work to see the colors in person, and they had no yellow ones. The red did look pretty good though.
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    I have yet to see any color besides white in person :(
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    The red is really nice. In fact, if my etf wasn't so high I'd have a red 920 instead of the 822.
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    I have red, my wife has cyan. I personally live those two colors. I was initially planning on getting white for myself before I saw the red in person.
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    I haven't seen a yellow yet. Wife has red and looks really nice. Love my black though.
  9. camptime's Avatar

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    I have a red on order. To me the gloss finish felt less slippery in the hand. I also have a black 900 and wanted a change.
  10. jordanjs's Avatar

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    Red for me! Just waiting for possible news of the at&t being able to get unlocked, even though I heard that there is a 6 month exclusivity deal with at&t...
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    I have a red and it is a sexy beast of a phone. Unfortunately, I cannot take any pictures because I would be holding the phone, which would be my camera of choice.
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    I got the red and am waiting for my cyan. I originally wanted yellow but when I saw it in person, it was just one shade too bright, so I opted for Cyan. My wife's red phone looks great.
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    I haven't seen red in person but I have seen yellow. It looks freaking awesome. It doesn't match the color I see in the renders, it's almost a safety or neon yellow - got some green in it (but it's still definitely yellow).

    The photos of the red on make me not like it too much. But like I said, I haven't seen it in person.

    I also think out of the three colorful 920s, the yellow will match the most live tile color schemes.
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    I have Cyan, bought Mom Red.

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