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  1. peachy001's Avatar

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    Hi all

    I am having real difficulty using the keyboard on this forum. It pops up for a second then pops back down. I have turned it off and on again, to no avail.

    Of all the forums not to work on!
  2. o4liberty's Avatar

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    I had the same issue on my 822 and a phone reset fixed the issue.
  3. Pete C's Avatar

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    OMG this issue is back?!? That is an old issue from WP7.5 that drove me up the friggin wall. If I see that on my 920 I might pop a blood vessel.
  4. peachy001's Avatar

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    I am assuming some of the posts on these forums are via 920s so I expect it is working for some. Weird, and highly annoying.

    I have turned it off a few times, no fix though.
  5. Xsever's Avatar

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    This happens to me on some vBulletin forums when trying to type a reply.
  6. peachy001's Avatar

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    Can it be fixed? I assume it is a software bug rather than hardware.
  7. pjeung's Avatar

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    yeah noticed that to when trying to reply on my phone. quick reply, advanced, it doesn't matter. I thought it was wpcentral saying buy our freaking 99 cent app lol

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