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    This shows my experience trying to subscribe to a podcast over wifi.
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    i tried it and could not reproduce the issue you are having... i subscribed to podcast just fine...
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    I had the exact same problem, not sure if this fixed it, but it started working shortly after..

    Settings > Applications > music + videos > uncheck 'only download new podcast episodes over Wi-Fi', and recheck it...
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    I had the exact same issue, and suspecting that it might be because I had already sync'ed some podcasts using Windows Phone app, I deleted all of podcasts from my Nokia 920 and now I am able to subscribe and download podcasts directly on the phone.

    It appears this WP7 issue has not been fixed in WP8. Can't subscribe to a podcast on Windows Phone 7

    Good luck!
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    @Ryan Tried that and it didn't work for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdhills View Post

    This shows my experience trying to subscribe to a podcast over wifi.
    Having the same issue and no answers from Microsoft Answers, WPSupport on Twitter, or WP users on Reddit. Afraid phone reset may be my only option.

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