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  1. laney182's Avatar

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    i can see where you can select individual emails and mark them as read but im missing where the select all option is, can anyone help?
  2. sudakoma's Avatar

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    That option is not available, its one of the things I'm hoping will be fixed in an update.
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  3. laney182's Avatar

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    thought i was going mad

    i don't understand how they can miss such a simple feature
  4. Michael Andes's Avatar

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    It's not just a problem in WP. Apple has the same short-sightedness. I get emails on my phone and in outlook and it is annoying to have to mark hundreds of emails as read.
  5. Mrc Jkb's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by laney182 View Post
    thought i was going mad

    i don't understand how they can miss such a simple feature
    It desperately needs to get fixed. Especially since I get 500+ unread notifications when I add an account and want to keep all messages on my phone
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    Please use or check if there is a feature request for this.
    If so vote for it if not make one .

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