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    Hey Folks!

    I used to have some issues with my battery because I didn't close my apps after using them. User failure! Until than my battery worked very fine without any problems - quit the contrary, I am impressed by the battery live of my Lumia 920!

    BUT (and there is always a but) last night I charged my Lumia 920 to 100% (at 11 pm) and 8 hours later the battery was fully discharged!!!

    The only app that was running was the alarm clock (nothing else!). How could that happen?

    Did anybody observe the same? Any ideas what the f*** was going on that night?

    Help is much appreciated!
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    Check your background tasks, and signal strength can severely affect battery life.
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    I did not change anything this morning except charging again to 100%. Since then the battery looks fine. Could this issue still be connected to the background apps?
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    Battery life seems to be random at this point. I've had 1day of crappy battery life so far, the rest have been fine.
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    Check out my thread to fix the battery issue. It should definitely work. Nokia Lumia 920 Battery Issue Temporary Fix

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