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  1. madsedan's Avatar

    80 Posts
    Had no luck by chat, was told I'd have to return to the store and return the phone and "rebuy it" for the lower price, ridiculous but he was nice about it. I said thanks and immediately called where I got an enterprise CSR that quickly refunded the $52.70 or whatever it was.

    Yeah at&t!
  2. fsmith328#AC's Avatar

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    Thanks for the heads up. I called the 1-800 number and the rep just credited my account $50.
  3. #103  
    tried chat, "Luis" said can't do it on his/her side, suggested calling store. Since I did put in order in store I think that might be worth a try.
  4. timmyisme22's Avatar

    6 Posts
    Just got off the phone with AT&T billing (live chat on website does not have access to account according to the chat representative) and got credit for two phones, one being in store and the other being an online order. The charger that was ordered with the online order should arrive today as well (no idea on the in store current where-abouts as no tracking information is available).

    Double wammo of success!

    Forgot to mention. Just call 611 and go through billing. Took less than 10 minutes in total mainly because I was reading and had to re-hear the auto options to route through :P
  5. nokiafan99's Avatar

    57 Posts
    Here is my experince:

    Called At&T and asked them if they could refund me the price difference... plain and simple NO. Infact, the rep raised her voice a bit because she was founding it ridiculous.

    So after a while, called AT&T again and this time spoke with a supervisor After convincing here, that it was legit and AT&T reps themselves were honoring the price match... she credit 50$ to my current billing statement.

    Moral here, please fight for you 50 dollars, don't let it go. They will honor it.
  6. Lenas's Avatar

    35 Posts
    Quote Originally Posted by timmyisme22 View Post
    Just got off the phone with AT&T billing (live chat on website does not have access to account according to the chat representative)...
    Definitely not true. I had AT&T billing live chat credit me $25 the other day and another $80 on my next month's bill because they messed up my account. Tried charging me for two separate accounts instead of a family plan + 1 line, haha.
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  7. John Kwon's Avatar

    42 Posts
    Thanks for the tip. I just called AT&T and got my $50 credit!
  8. Banner18's Avatar

    47 Posts
    I purchased 2 920s (my wife and I)...

    They offered me %50 back for a total of $50...

    I nicely mentioned to the chat agent that I was disappointed in that since there were so many people getting the full amount back online...

    They then gave me the full refund...

    I am waiting for it to show up but they promised it would in a few minutes...
  9. bearsoxfan's Avatar

    6 Posts
    Nice! I'm on chat now... I've had issues with the free wireless charging plate order that was made on the 10th. I had 2 different reps tell me that it would arrive soon. Then had the 2nd rep tell me I should have it by this past Saturday and told me the order number was the shipping number with UPS, which was totally WRONG! So I through that in their face to get my $50 credit. Probably not necessary but it was worth the extra shot!
  10. BENNIEV's Avatar

    24 Posts
    Worked for Me!! Also dropped one of my Upgrade Fees (I didn't even ask for this, she just said, hey, I may be able to drop one of your upgrade fees!) Say what u want about AT&T but I've had them for 10+ years and they've always taken care of me...

    Customer Service!
  11. o1legacygt's Avatar

    42 Posts
    Update: First time denied in chat and was told to talk to store. When and talked via chat again stating it would be a bit of an inconvience to go out on black friday to the store for a price match. CSR agreed and credited me back the 50 dollars for being a long term customer. :)
  12. Lurgid's Avatar

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    Success here, for a quick and easy $100, though wireless billing chat.

    David Aaron Parker: Thank you for chatting with AT&T, Mr. X! I can see that you are inquiring about the price of Lumia 920. Did you make an upgrade lately?

    ME: Yes, I just switched over to AT&T and bought two new Lumia 920s at a corporate owned store less than 14 days ago.

    ME: And I see that there is going to be a "Black Friday" deal of $49 on those phonees

    David Aaron Parker: How much did you pay for the each device?

    ME: was wondering if I would be able to get some sort of price match instead of going down to the corporate store to return and repurchase this weekend

    ME: $99 each device

    David Aaron Parker: Thank you.

    David Aaron Parker: You will receive an adjustment of $50 each device equivalent to $100 in total. Let me process the adjustment request for you.

    ME: Excellent, David. THank you!

    David Aaron Parker: I am just waiting for the system's response.

    ME: ok

    David Aaron Parker: I was able to complete the adjustment request. your current balance now is $58.24. You will see the update online within 24 to 72 hours. You can also download a free application in for the self service option called MyAtt app. Do you have any other concerns that I may assist you with?

    ME: Nope. Have a great day and happy holidays.

    David Aaron Parker: You are welcome. I am glad that I was able to complete your request. It is my deepest pleasure to give assistance to you. Happy holiday as well Mr. X!

    David Aaron Parker: We value your business and thank you for visiting AT&T. You may click the close button to end your session.
  13. rhalbert10's Avatar

    16 Posts
    BAM. 6 phones, $300 credit. 'Nuf said!!
  14. sud123's Avatar

    8 Posts
    Quote Originally Posted by whoaty55 View Post
    A no go for me. Tried and tried. Spoke to online chat. Even the manager said they don't offer credits for this. Tried to argue my luck.
    I had the same issue. Tried a second time. Was really polite and finally got the credit.
  15. thelern's Avatar

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    18 Global Posts
    I got the credit too. The lady first asked me if I had the black or high gloss one. She acted like the high gloss ones are not included. I have the black one so I had no problems just wondering if that is the cause of some of the differences.
  16. darth_furious's Avatar

    82 Posts
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    one agent wouldn't and told me to go to store and return it. The other agent reluctantly said they would give a credit. Going through now. Thanks!
  17. jsgross's Avatar

    15 Posts
    Just dialed 611 and got a credit in less than 5 minutes
  18. Kmaki's Avatar

    10 Posts
    In my first chat the agent said I would need to talk to my local store and he couldn't do anything. I tried again a few hours later and she said that even though the sale isn't going to be in my state, she would make a credit as a one-time courtesy. I got $56.25 credited. Thanks for the motivation to go for this!
  19. lennyk1313's Avatar

    88 Posts
    Too bad this is for upgrades only and not for off contract price :(
  20. SCDavis's Avatar

    2 Posts
    I went through Billing and this is how I asked...
    "I just purchased my Lumia 920 on Saturday and I came across an ad for the same phone for $49.99 instead of 99.99 and I'm wondering if I can get a credit for the difference?"

    They pulled up my account and lowered my next bill $50... good find!

  21. TeamRadicus's Avatar

    6 Posts
    Polite is definitely the way to go:

    info: You are now chatting with 'Peggy MacLean'
    Me: Hello - happy pre-Thanksgiving!
    Peggy MacLean: Hello, Ms. X
    Peggy MacLean: Thank you for chatting with AT&T today. I can help you with your bill. As a valued customer, I will ensure that you are getting the best value for your money with AT&T.
    Me: I wanted to ask about an email I received advertising the Lumia 920 for $49 on Black Friday - I got one from my local store for $99 :-(
    Peggy MacLean: I am sorry to hear the price dropped for the phone , I can help with this. Please allow me a moment to access your account.
    Me: Thank you
    Peggy MacLean: Please allow me a moment to fine the order .
    Me: Thanks
    Peggy MacLean: Did you activate service at a retail location ?
    Me: Yes - No MoPac in Austin TX
    Peggy MacLean: I sincerely apologize for the delay. I assure you that it is my goal to resolve all your issues as quickly as possible.
    Me: No problem - thanks for your help
    Peggy MacLean: I am applying a $50.00 credit toward the account, it will just take a few moment to apply.
    Me: Thanks
    Peggy MacLean: Your balance was $147.80 and your new balance is $97.80 on 12/01/2012 .
    Peggy MacLean: Is there anything else I can help you with today ?
    Me: Super- thank you very much for your help, and have a happy Thanksgiving!
    Peggy MacLean: Your welcome. Happy Thanksgiving
    Peggy MacLean: We value your business and thank you for visiting AT&T. You may click the close button to end your session.
    Me: Thanks - bye!
  22. Credorion's Avatar

    2 Posts
    I was just able to get my 50$ credit talking with CSR in through the chat interface. Now just waiting to see it appear on my statement.
  23. B T C's Avatar

    208 Posts
    I got a $50 credit on my second chat attempt.
  24. #124  
    tried a second time and the SAME rep picked it up...what are the odds?
  25. GomzyRockz's Avatar

    74 Posts
    Called up ATT on the 611 number, connected to the sales department, and told about the situation. Got the $50 credit in my ATT bill, and got the email confirmation as well. 5 min is all it took. Thanks guys!!
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