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    The red Nokia 920 is back in stock an AT&T's website. Although i hear on rumor that it is still very limited!
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    Can't be limited. I just ordered yesterday (Friday) and it's getting delivered Monday. And it's stupid because the local store has been sold out for at least a week and a half. -_- Oh well, at least i literally only have to wait a weekend to have it in my hands, could've been sooner if mail still moved on Sundays
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    The stores here got a shipment of the Red on Wednesday. I grabbed the red. Wife is still waiting for the yellow.
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    Got lucky yesterday...one of my local stores happened to get a shipment of phones in with only 1 red one...and I got it :) ......making me one happy camper:)
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    I'm ordering my third red tonight. So glad they're available somewhere. Last chance Nokia. Don't make me buy an 8x. I love the 920 but for gods sake I can't keep returning my phone every week. First one had a loose battery, second one won't work if its charging and the power button is sunken in. Fingers crossed this new batch isn't full of turds like the first one.
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    Just spent the last two hours between two reps on the phone, and four over chat, I have not been able to order a red 920, off contract, without a plan. Jesus f**king Christ. I guess I'll see if my store can order me one tomorrow.

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