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    I have tried downloading some ringtones and they only show up in the ringtones section, and not text / IM alerts. Is there no way of using custom tones for texts?
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    Not in this release
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    Something this simple should of been included in the new software ! There are the items that will affect wp8 in their efforts to gain market share.
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    Yeah, I agree with this. I'm disappointed at the lack of customization. I had windows mobile 6.5, and could customize pretty much every sound the device emitted. I want a minimal sound for everything, like a faint beep or something that may make a sound for a quarter of a second, not these long, drawn out sounds. Hopefully WP8 has something like that, because 7.5 doesnt.
  5. pjeung's Avatar

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    i actually miss some of the texts alert sounds from WP 7. There was like this cool whistling one on WP7 that isn't on WP8 =(

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