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    and Red is the masculine one according to this

    Colorpattern of the trigrams

    Traditionally, in Western culture, three colors have been considered as primary—red, yellow and blue. Today, in current color theory and practice there are six primary colors: red , yellow , green , cyan , blue and magenta . Technically, these are the six primary chromatic colors. There are also the two achromatic colors of black and white —so altogether there are a total of 8 primary colors in the “color octave.”

    Red , green, and blue are often called the "additive" primary colors, and refer to light. These are the positive masculine colors. Cyan , magenta , and yellow are often called the "subtractive" primary colors, and refer to inks or pigments. These are the negative feminine colors.
    Lumia 920 (potential) buyers don't really care ...

    Your Gender and the Color of Lumia 920 You Bought / Ordered / Planning To Buy / Want

    In the real world, people in Asia, Europe etc do not really care or buy things / wear clothes whatever they want but some places in USA (especially in rural, conservative red states :D) apparently many consider White & Cyan as feminine colors on some things.

    Outside of stores, I have not seen a Window Phone. I really wanted a Red or Yellow Lumia 920 but reluctantly took the Cyan (it's all right but saw a Red at the store). My friends have not seen my Cyan Lumia 920.

    What do people or your friends say about your Lumia 920 color of choice?

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    I got the HTC 8X in black, but I would have gladly too the Lumia 920 in Yellow or Cyan if given a choice. I carried around the white iPhone 3GS and 4S even though few people called it a "girl's color." I'm secure enough with my masculinity to carry around any color phone I enjoy.
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    so buy following this scientific statement...a yellow Lamborghini is feminine as well.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by erzhik View Post
    so buy following this scientific statement...a yellow Lamborghini is feminine as well.?
    No, a yellow Lamborghini is douchey. There's a difference.

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