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    Access Point

    Calls + SMS

    World of Red Bull

    Nokia Maps


    Nokia Music

    Nokia City Lens

    Nokia Drive

    extras + info

    Am gonna update.
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    When i click on the calls + SMS update, i see the details as follows

    Download this app for additional settings that ensure you get the most from your mobile network and your phone.
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    Nokia Maps update detail

    Whats new: Improved Stability and performance

    Nokia Drive : we are hard at work making this app great. For this version, we strongly recommend downloading our free maps before you travel.

    Access point : If you use more than one sim card, nokia access point settings are for you. They enable you to easily manage individual operator settings for internet , MMS and internet sharing features. You can swap sim cards and your lumia phone will configure your operator settings. All you need to do is select your current operator.

    NOTE: SIM LOCKED PHONES ACCESS POINT wont work if your phone is locked to a particular operator.

    So i guess this update of access point is for unlocked international Lumia 920s only?
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    where did u get ur unlocked phone from?
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    I'm sorry to say this, but this is old news buddy
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    A robust ecosystem should have plenty of updates. Rarely a day went by where my android did not prompt me to update multiple apps.
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    These updates were available manually from day 1.

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