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    All these 920/8X comparisons out there are missing a small big detail: the better deal depends on where you buy it.

    I spent a week with the Lumia 920 and absolutely loved the phone. Awesome screen, awesome camera, best set of exclusive apps... and then I started having some of the issues reported here (dust under front face camera and creaking noise on top left corner). I wanted to exchange, but in Germany it seems impossible to find black 920s now and all preorders are fully booked.

    So on that same day I touched the 8X for the first time. Good camera but nothing outstanding, smaller screen with not so deep blacks, missing all the cool Lumia apps... but it costs a good 120 euros less, and has by far the best on-hand feel of any smartphone out there. The Lumia 920 felt good to me, but now that I tried the 8X, dude, it blows everything else away. It feels just perfect!

    It's a really tough decision, I would say it's a draw. So depending on where you live, one or another might be the best option.

    In Europe I think the 8X has a slight advantage - with the 120 extra euros you can easily buy a few apps to compensate the lack of Nokia's Drive, Transit, City Lens and Music, and throw a few accessories to the bundle. The 8X is way more pocketable and easy to use with one hand, and that's something you can't fix with software - the 8X will always be slimmer and lighter - and it can eventually get free and similar apps to Nokia's. But also you won't get these awesome low light pictures and videos with superb audio quality - the hardware will never allow it.

    In USA, I think there's no discussion - the Lumia 920 is cheaper, comes with a wireless charger on AT&T, has a better camera (I'm talking about the hardware, I know daylight pics are just so-so at the moment but this is fixable!) and comes with all the super cool Nokia apps. You get more for less. Build quality is good, considering you're not unlucky to get a faulty device. If you don't mind the kinda awkward ergonomics (compared to the 8X), you can't go wrong with the Lumia.

    I am enjoying my new 8X since this morning and have no complaints so far. Haven't used the camera much but I kinda miss Lumia's one. On the other hand I can jog and run with a phone in my pocket again - do never ever try to do it with the 920, or you'll get bruised :-) Plus, I have 120 euros to "spend" with apps and accessories.

    I might still switch to the Lumia, but only if Nokia gives me a really good reason to go back. They promised a call on Friday to discuss about it, maybe the Finns will prepare me a surprise...
  2. VagrantWade's Avatar

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    Europe loves their Nokia, so I dunno about all that noise.
  3. lordofthereef's Avatar

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    I think you hit the nail on the head regarding value. In the states, the 920 is cheapest by far, at $50-$99 (depending on if you can get the rep to credit you. If you buy it at an MS store that's another $25 off the total. Plus there is the free wireless charger, for those that care.

    As far as jogging, this is going to vary. I could never jog with a device in my pocket, and that includes small/light phones like the 4S. It is just too uncomfortable. For that I use an arm strap (though I haven't found/seen one for the Lumia yet... I suppose those made for the L900 would work just fine).

    Anyway, no matter which phone you end up sticking with, please update here if/when Nokia gets back to you. Always nice to hear the good and the bad of customer support.

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