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    Hy...i bought a lumia 920 from normal shop computers/phones etc ( not operatore mobile shop) the phone was with Vodafone operatore ,finally i knew it you can use any kind of operators ( mine is WIND ) so i bought ...at home i cut my sim card ( wind ) to fix in phone etc etc and worked to call,txt, etc . The problem is after 2 days ( today ) i activated the internet on my sim card ( wind) and is not worked,after some research i found that ,,ACCESS POINT,, is missing so i cant create access for WIND...already did the updates from 1 day..
    SO How can i fix it ??? TY
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    Is the phone unlocked?

    You're in Europe?

    You don't have a Nokia Network Settings application on your phone? Can you connect to WiFi and see if you can find a Nokia Network Settings application in the marketplace
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    Yes Europe / Italy........ wi-fi is work ......when im turning on the phone it's show VODAFONE logo ...but im using another operatore WIND and is work to call/ recive etc..only thing is this with access point is missing .
    I went to WIND site and its said lumia 920 have auto setting for internet or u can do it manual but need to go ACCESS POINT which is missing from menu ...
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    Had the same problem here in Kuwait with my Nokia 920. Zain sim card was not providing the Access Point. You can download an application and fix the problem.

    Connect your phone to the internet via wifi and download this application.

    access point | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Hopefully it helps!
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    Thank you very much , it works for me
    By the way ( Zain customer service Couldnt help me ) but You did
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    thanks very much for that Nokia920, it sorted my problem out too :)

    do you know were i can get other setting apps? I am missing Network+
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    This works perfectly! I can't believe it took this long to find but fixes my only complaint about this phone.
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    Thank you. Finally got internet sharing working.

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