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    So, I read on this Swedish price comparing site that a guy has called the support of one of our major operators. He got an interesting reply that the phone was delayed and that the operator were waiting for a new batch. According to the person at customer service one of the reasons was that the paint should be less slippable. Here is the original post:

    Omdmen om Nokia Lumia 920
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    this maybe true cuz i heard ppl complaining that this phone is too slippery.. i just got my yellow lumia 920 n i dont think its slippery at all infact its very sticky lol but i dont see my figure print cuz of the color thats why i wanted to get a yellow lumia 920.. i luv this phone!
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    There is no paint.
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    exactly its polycaronate and the color is solid all the way throiugh theres no paint at all.
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    Ok, maybe wrong translation. Maybe finish or surface.
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    I'm waiting for the new batch even though I'm getting the Black. I might change my mind though.
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    I dropped my white 920 2 times in the last 7 days. Now I got a leather flip case.

    This one in black:

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