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    I have two Lumia 920 phones, one red, one black.

    The red one's casing seems solid, but when I press on the black one's case to the right of the headphone jack, it 'clicks', as if the clips which hold it on don't engage properly.

    After a while it'll have popped back and can be pressed in again. I took it back to the store to try and exchange it, but they had run out of 920s. The (black) display model did the same thing.

    It's a very minor annoyance, I know but I'm wondering if anyone else's does the same thing? I first noticed it when I picked the phone up off a table by holding it at the top and bottom edges, and felt & heard a click sound.

    Trying to gauge whether it's worth pushing for a replacement or just living with it if it's considered normal for the black version.
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    My white one does the same thing. But it only does every now and then.
  3. gav_sw20's Avatar

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    I've got black 920 (Phones4U) that I bought on 9th November and mine does the same but at the bottom near the r/h speaker output.
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    Mine flexes at the top as well. Seriously a minor issue. Not worth returning over as the rest of the phone is perfect
  5. taymar's Avatar

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    Great, thanks a ton guys. I'll just keep it.
  6. Luke Kailburn's Avatar

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    mine does the same, but you have to press it so hard to actually make it click that it's a non-issue. Has never made any noise during any day to day normal use.
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    Mine squeaks rather than clicks.

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