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    Hi there, I'm planning on getting a Nokia 920 today but wondering how the public transit directions are in Canada? I currently have a Samsung Focus (1st gen), but I have to use Google Transit for public transit directions here in Canada, since Bing Maps doesn't cover it. I'm hoping Nokia does? (please state any experiences)
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    I think it depends on what city you live in.. Edmonton is covered, I know that for sure.
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    Why don't you check their web-based Map application? They have public transit information there, and it should be the same on your phone.

    HERE - City and Country Maps - Driving Directions - Satellite Views - Routes
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    Hmm... checked Here.com and it seems they only cover GO Transit not the local public transit like Google does :( Oh well, it's not a showstopper, but I was hoping it would be there.

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