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    GHOST ARMOR!! I have used this since my HTC HD7 and now on my Nokia Lumia 920, and it works great..No haziness, orange, or pixilation whatsoever. Plus, if ANYTHING (and I do mean ANYTHING) happens to the protector, you can go and get it replaced for only their $5 installation fee! Plus, if you barter with them a little bit, and you just want the screen, tell them to do it for $20! ;)
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    i'm currently using gadgetshieldz for the back of my lumia as with my other gadgets. i like the quality but i don't really use wet protectors for the screen. i prefer the dry ones. has anyone found an oleophobic protector for this device? i usually get a spigen ultra oleophobic for my other gadgets but they aren't doing any for the 920. any suggestions?
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    I don't even use a screen protector on mine... Since November last year or whenever it was released. No scratches so far, but thats was gorilla glass is for right

    *knocks on wood*
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    i havent put a screen protector on, the response of the touch is just too perfect and i dont want to ruin it
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    I guess it's really a preference. Also, I've seen gorilla glass scratches on a few of my friends gadgets (don't know how they take care of them). So I guess my practice is really to spend 10-15usd for protection on the screen as compared to 100usd on a new screen

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    Verizon has some cheap ones for the 928. I'm getting my 920 today and do you know if the ones for the 928 will work?
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    Best protection for your screen? Focus and effort. I don't use anything on my screen and it looks as good as the day I bought it. This because I focus on what I'm doing every time I grab it and I make an effort to always do that. It's really not hard people.
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    Skinomi makes a perfect screen protector for the 920. It's a wet application and it fits like no other. It's paper thin and still very durable. The ironic part is that for as great as this thing is, I couldn't make myself keep it on the phone. The 920 is SO sexy. I can't cover it up. Not even the perfect screen protector is good enough.
  9. nileshdd's Avatar

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    Hi Harsha,

    I have the Armorsuit wet apply protector and I may have installed it wrong, but it has too many scratches on it.
    Do local mobile shops have the skills to install a wet apply protector? I am thinking of finding some dry apply ones if they don't.

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