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    1- Anyone knows any availability date for the matte gray Lumia 920 in the States?

    2- Any ideas on when AT&T will release the unlock codes for the 920? I'm planning to buy the no commitment one.
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    Considering cases cover up the color entirely, I decided to just get a black one then play what is your fav color of the month with the case. Amazon has so many cases that are under 10.00. I am starting to stockpile them and match them to my cloths. LOL I just got this cool *** flexible case that really adds no thickness fromm JKase.
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    Stateside I don't think we are going to see it, unless we see it on another carrier...
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    1. You can get gray only on 3rd party websites that sell unlocked 920s.
    2. Unlock codes will be released after AT&T exclusivity ends (6 months I think).
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    I doubt we'll ever see the Grey here in the States, I could be wrong of course but I doubt it.
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    I doubt we will ever see the grey one :) It still doesn't exist, while all other colors have been sold already (even the Cyan which didn't even appear in the Original announcement)
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    Actually it exists in Australia. I emailed Nokia regarding the color availability and I'm waiting for their response.

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