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  • 7 Post By dogfish54
  1. dogfish54's Avatar

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    It's really frustrating to see all these complaints about such a beautiful device. I think it's fair to say there are some things that need to be developed with the OS, but most of them I consider niche (aside from a few of the major apps).

    I want to cover what's awesome about my new Cyan Lumia 920:

    * The curved glass is stunning - everything looks so great on the screen, it's really beautiful
    * The device feels premium albeit a little weighty, but it's solid and well built
    * The battery lasts REALLY well - sure ... I know some of the tricks, but it's been surprising ... let's me know what's possible with a few tweaks
    * Indoor picture quality is AMAZING, I don't care what anyone says, the iPhone isn't even in the same galaxy (no pun intended) for indoor photos. I couldn't get a usable photo out of my iPhone 5 last night and the 920 just kept taking amazing photos, you could tell that the device just let in a LOT more light
    * Nokia Music - this actually impressed my girlfriend who thought it would be just crap because it was free and from the manufacturer. I am actually starting to wonder how much it costs Nokia because the music they have can't be free, and the offline mode is just outstanding
    * Nokia Cinemagraph - I want them to improve this, but I love the concept - just need some way of making them shareable
    * Nokia Smartshot - Awesome, just awesome
    * People Hub - Love it ... enough said

    I really don't understand all the complaints here, and I am getting kind of sick of reading about specs of dust or alleged creaks. Maybe because I don't have any of those issues (I do have the yellow capacitive button 'issue', but I don't really care, in fact, my gf thought it was meant to be that way and thinks it looks better than white.

    I love Windows Phone and I love the 920. I wanted to start a positive thread, all this negativity is making me want to leave this forum and come back in 3 months. Most of what I have written also applies to the 8X, I think it's a cracking phone too, but being on AT&T the 920 is a no-brainer.

    What do you love about your Lumia 920?
  2. androidtoWM's Avatar

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    can you post sample shots from lumia and iphone 5 ?
  3. azasadny's Avatar

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    Everything you said! Seriously, this phone is perfect for me and I love it!
  4. dogfish54's Avatar

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    I don't have any saved on my iPhone now, but yes, I certainly can. I'll take some samples and upload. The best one I had was in a restaurant, on the iphone, my gf's face was all white because of the flash, and everything in the background was dark, the Lumia was perfect. I didn't use night mode on either, just whatever the auto settings are / were.
  5. corwyn74's Avatar

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    I agree completely! I don't have time to give all the reasons now, but have had two very nice Android phones and an iPhone 4 - This is my favorite device/OS so far, come on developers great the apps:-) Windows Phone 8 and Nokia are on the right track, it is a thing of beauty.

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