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  1. mas90guru's Avatar

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    Still waiting on mine as well. Ordered in store November 10 when I picked up my Lumia.
  2. irvin792's Avatar

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    Ordered mine on the 9th got my phone on the 13th. Still shows processing for my charger :(
  3. wcrm's Avatar

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    For the phone I ordered online on the 7th, today the rep said it's on backorder with no ship date. For the one I bough in store on the 10th, I got it last Tuesday.
  4. WPmunkey's Avatar

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    I haven't checked the mail at my parents house in a couple days but I ordered on the 8th (I think) at ATT website and no charger yet. I got an email about it a week or so ago saying that they will send it when available
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    love that profile pic!
  6. FLLMTR's Avatar

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    I paid the full $449 price the night the phone was released on-line because I was not due for an upgrade until March. Well, tonight I called AT&T customer support and learned that the charger is only for NEW AT&T customers on 2 year contracts. I verified this by finding the following fine print buried on the AT&T site.

    "Limited Time Offer. Nokia Wireless Charging Plate Offer avail. until 1/10/2013 or while supplies last. New 2yr contract w/ qual. voice & data plans req'd to qual. for Offer"

  7. slavrenz's Avatar

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    Ordered mine on the 12th - no receipt after the prescribed 3 to 5 business days. I called AT&T a few days ago because the website said the order was still processing, and the customer service rep told me that the charging plate was backordered. Why then, I asked her, does the website not say "backordered", which it lists as a possible status option? She didn't have an answer.

    This morning, I went to check the order status on the same website I've been using, and it says that my order cannot be found. What!?!? I contact AT&T via live chat, and the rep tells me that he also cannot find my order. I am told that I need to contact customer support by phone; I did this tonight, and the rep also can't find my order - however, apparently since the phone/charging plate was ordered in a physical retail location, I need to go back to them to find out what is going on. How stupid is it that the phone/online order systems and the store order systems are not connected? But if they're not connected (as the phone rep told me), how was I able to see my order in the first place?!?

    Of course, it was 8:07 when I got off the phone with the service rep, and my store closes at 8:00 - absolutely of course it had to be this way! So now I'll have to contact my local store tomorrow, and pray that they still have some record of my order...

    Worst. Experience. Ever.
  8. azasadny's Avatar

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    I got my phone on 11/9 and the AT&T guy filled out the paperwork, ordering me a red wireless charger. It arrived today, but it's a black one... I'll keep it and be happy. It seems to work well.
  9. sabotagebx's Avatar

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    Mine is on its way, finally
  10. tarzanmarzan's Avatar

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    Finally got an email at 8 pm today about my wireless charger. I forgot what color I ordered anyway haha. I can't wait to surprise myself
  11. mikejets89's Avatar

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    Same here 2 and half for me
  12. franklasvegas's Avatar

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    Seems a little suspicious - after I called (an the my order section of my account had no reference to the charging pad) and told it would ship on 12-08-12 and there was a tracking number (on an un-shipped item) I received notice this afternoon (with tracking info) that my was shipped from Dallas, TX and will arrive Friday - 11-30.
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