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    I have noticed that Location gets active randomly when using the phone even when I don't have any background apps that uses location active in the background.

    Below is a link to how it looks like from the home screen (The small circle to the left of the clock at the right side), it comes on sporadically, stays there for a few seconds, then goes away:

    Find my Phone feature is turned off, and looking through the settings the only other option I see is probably turning location off for search and see if it stops happening when I'm not using any apps.

    Anyone else noticing this?

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    Noticed that too!
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    Yep, probably Microsoft is tracking our location... :p
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    I wouldn't be worried. Most likely a live tile or app that "requires" location services and it is just pinging your location.

    Same thing happened with my iphone all the time. The iphone did, however, show a list of applications that either recently, or currently were using location services. Would be nice to have that same feature in WP8.

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