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    Hi there.

    Basically what happens is 50/60% of the time most of the built in apps (messaging/email etc) just don't even start and return to the start screen straight away. Really annoying, also for some reason I can't seem to send any texts in the small chance that it actually gets through to the messaging page.

    Anyone had this issue? Is there a resolution?

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    i had observed this once in weather application (not built in app though), simply uninstalling/reinstalling cycle solved my problem.
    have you tried restarting phone?
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    Many many times. I can't uninstall "messaging" though can I?
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    This is occurring with my camera. I have to volume down and power it to get it to come back. Twice now it hasn't responded to that and I've had to reset the phone.
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    This sounds like you might need to take it back and get a new one. Not sure what the problem is but all my built in apps start every time with no problems.

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    That should very rarely if ever happen with built-in apps. I've had the browser crash on me maybe twice, and other than that it has been third party apps. If messaging, e-mail, and other basic apps are doing that frequently then that's a problem you should call support about.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. I get notifications, but when I open the app, it may let me interact for a minute, but then will crash. The notification remains on the tile, too. I have my phone plugged into my computer and I restarted it while it was plugged it. My computer was trying to install the Nokia BOOTMGR driver, but failed. This may be the issue, but I can't seem to find the driver online anywhere. Does anyone have it?

    I found the solution. Uninstall Skype. It's causing your Microsoft Account to be in a constantly syncing state, which means you can't access your messaging, email, etc. Remove Skype and the issue should be resolved. I'd wait to reinstall Skype until it's no longer in a preview release.

    UPDATE 2:
    So after removing Skype, I had to turn my phone on Airplane Mode. Then if you go into Email+Accounts, click on Microsoft Account, and it'll say there's an error. It might be different for you, but it told me there was an error syncing one of my contacts, so I went to the contact it said there was an error for and deleted it. Then I turned Airplane Mode off, and it successfully synced, and all of the problems have been resolved since.

    I hope this works for you!
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    my Camera app is crashing frequently, even after hard reset.
    what has to be done ?

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