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    WhatsApp seems to have returned to the WP Store after a short hiatus.

    I posted this in a few threads, but I'm sure a few people will run into this so hopefully we can get a clear solution out in the open.

    I installed WhatsApp and it seems to taking a while on the "creating favs" page.

    Any thoughts? as well the phone seems to be warming up during this process as well.
  2. Spike Tizzle's Avatar

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    Small update to go with this.

    I click the whatsapp icon. It goes into the program.

    "creating favs" screen is there, however I do get messages which drop down from the top. However, I'm unable to see my contacts or active conversations
  3. Spike Tizzle's Avatar

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    Okay, so the page finally finished.

    Tho the phone is pretty warm after installing this app.
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    I have the same issue. Any idea how to solve it?

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