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    I currently have an iHome clock radio with ipod dock on the top. Loved it. Charged the phone every night and woke me up to my favorite tunes.

    Now that I have my L920, I'm hoping someone out there has manufactured a similar thing to the JBL PowerUp but with a clock radio. Any suggestions?
  2. Moolelo's Avatar

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    Oregon Scientific has one.
  3. jhoff80's Avatar

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    No, the Oregon Scientific one (which I posted about elsewhere) is an alarm clock that does not have radio functionality.
  4. OttawaMan's Avatar

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    Yeah, I'm looking for something with speakers specifically. Kind of like the JBL Powerup but with a clock.
  5. Harry H's Avatar

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    Same over here, Small Clockradio with Qi Charging. I have a Qi Charger from Philips at this moment so i Hope Philips will make something like this.

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