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    Morning Chaps,

    I'm having problems with connecting my 920 to my car bluetooth. I have a 2012 VW Passat TDI with the RNS 315 headunit and, even though both the headunit and the 920 say they are connected no music/telephone calls, etc come out of the speakers.

    Apparently this is a much bigger issue as stated in the Nokia Support Discussions: Nokia Support Discussions - Lumia 920 bluetooth problems - Page 5 - Nokia Support Discussions

    Has anyone experienced this issue and, more importantly, found a fix?

    Many thanks,

  2. lumianut's Avatar

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    Yeah I've had that with my focus after I've just had my phone connected to a Bluetooth headset and then try to connect to my car. Usually I just turn off the headset, turn off the car then start her back up and it all works nice!
  3. spyderzWPC's Avatar

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    yeah my Bluetooth in general is buggy, during text to speech sometimes it drops my connection and starts playing music through the head set and now I cant get txt to speech in my car even though it worked with the 900
  4. DropPhone's Avatar

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    I've had connectivity issues with my 2010 VW GTI. After successfully pairing my Lumina 920, the phone will auto-connect only occasionally.

    I wiped all the existing pairings from my car and then paired my 920. I still have connection problems. Microsoft knows about the issue and is working on a fix.


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