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    don't know, been looking for one myself. Looked at Microsoft Store, Amazon, AT&T, Verizon, Craigslist, eBay..couldn't find it anywhere.. I guess it's not released yet?
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    I ordered two Fatboy pillow chargers for the Lumia less than 2 weeks ago on Expansys-USA - I was expecting a series of delays and postponements to the shipping date, but surprisingly they notified me that they shipped out today!
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    Meh, checked amazon this morning and to my surprise there was a Cyan Fatboy listed as "2 left"... Added them to my cart and hit buy it now with 2 day delivery (prime)...

    Waiting for confirmation and my delivery estimate is next Tuesday 😒 I wonder if that means they were out when I ordered and are expecting more this Friday OR there is a glitch in the system and they will be in my hands on Friday?

    I'm surprised they sold out so quick, unless it is a matter of short supply? Oh well, hope the wife doesn't read this post (Christmas gift)... Which brings up another issue, once I get them, I either have to hide away the one for me or take it to the office so she doesn't know I got them. I'll probably do the latter. I sure do miss the wireless charging I had on my Pre.
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    I actually picked one up off of ebay two weeks ago and it arrived at my door last week. I wasn't sure what to expect since I haven't seen a review of the pillow anywhere let alone any videos of it and I knew the regular wireless chargers are still very scarce. Believe it or not it has a regular nokia wireless charger in it that you can remove and use without the pillow. It works fantastic as the pillow and just as advertised though. The one I got was red by the way.

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