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    Namely, the only app showing on the Nokia Collection (via the phone's store app, of course) is the Red Bull app. Obviously this isn't correct.

    I just got the phone yesterday and everything seemed to be working well, though I am concerned about the battery drain/heat, including being able to view everything in the Nokia Collection just fine. I barely touched my phone at all today and only just noticed this little issue an hour or so ago.

    If I manually search for one of their apps, like YouSendIt, I can view and download it fine.

    I'm very loathe to hard reset the phone after getting it mostly set up, but I know me and this is going to nag the particularly OCD parts of my brain until it's fixed.

    Anyone run into this before/have a solution outside of a hard reset? So far I've tried removing the SIM and then replacing it, restarting the phone, playing around in the store for a while hoping it'd show back up, etc.

    Or maybe it'll return as silently as it left?
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    Just purchased another black 920 from AT&T for my wife. We'll just use color cases to differentiate our phones. I was using Tap and Send to send her most of the apps and then I checked the Nokia store and only the Red Bull app was listed just like you saw. Not sure what's going on. Maybe they're updating the Nokia apps or is it a marketplace glitch? You can just search for Nokia in the marketplace and all the apps will list, so they are still available (for now).
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    My L900 did that when I first got it. A couple days later it showed up without my doing anything.

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