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    I recorded a ton of videos of my friends DJing earlier. Considering there was a ton of fog, pretty dark, and standing 2 feet from massive speakers, turned out pretty darn good!

    I have more I'm going to upload. I was just eager to get this clip online to share with everybody.
  2. Coreldan's Avatar

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    Wow, that's indeed impressive audio!

    Can't wait to be seeing my favourite band's show on march and taking some footage with my 920!
  3. radekhulan's Avatar

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    Pretty difficult conditions for recording, yet pretty good video:

  4. abhibh's Avatar

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    Wow! Amazing audio on the DJing video.
  5. david90531's Avatar

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    These videos just remind me of the HTC/Lumia comparison video... the 8X pretty much explodes when recording these kind of concerts

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