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    Hi allright this is my first Windows phone

    At first when i inserted the micro.sim, i Got no signal at all. Tried my twin sim, it worked, but only With edge. got a New sim, still only EDGE. --the sim support edge, 3g, 4g hdspa etc. I have tried 3G, 4G in the settings
    On my Galaxy S3 i had no problems getting hdspa at home

    Any ideas?

    Another thing:
    Is there any Place in the Windows phone appstore, where you can check for updated to the downloaded apps?
    And where do i check the Nokia apps Collections, i notice there were some updated not long ago.
    Yeah im a noob. dont need to comment on that ;)
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    For problem 1, you need help from your carrier to troubleshoot. Not sure how phones in Europe are configured. In US, AT&T do some customization to make this noob proof :)
    For Q # 2, if you have updates, when you open Windows store will show it at the bottom of the screen. You can select the apps to update or update all.
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    Ok thanks, had to do that some times, but wierd if i but same sim in another phone, 3g is available, ill check with Telenor(the provider)
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    Its not Lumia, it's your operator. Take some time to get used with your awesome phone.
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    Yea adjust your apn settings
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    Ok good, have to wait untill monday.
  7. Lilleverden's Avatar

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    Sent a Message to my provider on their Facebook page, Hdspa now Works :)
  8. Lilleverden's Avatar

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    Ok, There is a problem with this, if i choose 2g to e.g. Save battery, and turn back 3G, it does not work until it finds another antenna, if I do this at home where I have normally full 3G coverage, I don't get 3G until I drive/walk a kilometer or so, then it gives full 3G, back home again it's full 3G, can anyone test this, European version.
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    Try turning airplane mode on and then back off. I'm on AT&T in US and when I am at work, most of the time I can only get Edge network, it will get "stuck" in Edge because I think it stops trying to find the other networks even though go somewhere else. I just flip on airplane mode and then back off and it picks up 4G. I had to do the same thing with my Samsung Focus
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    Yes i tried that as well, I'm now on 3g, but I gets stuck at edge if I reboot, switch between 2g and 3g. Need to move a little distance(1 km) then 3g is back. Just wierd
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    The 4g LTE is not completely rolled out everywhere depends on your provider... Also depends on what tower so check your providers website for a map that shows their area of coverage. AT&T has one on their website.. Where I live the towers about a mile away and the signal for 4GLTE is so so in my home but outside its a little bit better but whenever I am near the main roads its always full bars... Also too I heard of people cutting their SIM cards to make them microsims and from what I read their providers require them to upgrade to a new sim all together before they can get 4G LTE not sure why unless there is some hard coding on the sim...

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