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    Looks like my 920 doesn't want to auto connect to blue tooth devices. I set up my cars UConnect but I have to manually connect it everytime I get in my car.

    Anyone else have this issue or a work around?
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    I leave Bluetooth on and when I'm walk into my Mazda it picks it up. Only had to set it up once.
  3. tmservo's Avatar

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    I only had to set mine up once (Camry), but I do find that it starts "paused" everytime, it doesn't auto start playing.. mixed thoughts on that, and the other thing is sometimes it doesn't get the bluetooth data (music plays, but I don't get song titles/etc. on my dashboard)
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    Edit: found my answer in another thread!
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    what thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by frogduck View Post
    Edit: found my answer in another thread!
    How about sharing?

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