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    Other than the normal devices e.g. DT-900, DT-910, fat boy pillow, and the JBL Powerup Speaker; what other devices will do the job.
    So far:
    Palm touchstone
    Energizer Wiimote charging pad

    Anyone else find anything?
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    I've heard most others should work but this phone just about requires a dedicated nuclear power plant to get a good charge.

    I'm trying to find a 2.1 amp USB charger to see if it helps any to charge the phone when it's in use.
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    Mine charge nicely through the pc. I lik the fact that it is a slow charge, i reckon it helps the battery last.
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    Lg wcp-700
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    The Palm Touchstone is not a Qi charger. It won't work.
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    If the charger isn't a Qi spec, my understanding is that you will still get the charging indication, but it won't actually charge, or if it does, it does so VERY slowly.

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