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    Hey everyone

    Just wanted to know if a Lumia 920 will work with a non-LTE sim. I'm on contract with ATT and don't have a data plan. Am planning to get a lumia 920 (without a data plan) and wanted to make sure about this before I get one.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. quinndupont's Avatar

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    I can confirm that it works in 3g (non-LTE) SIM on Rogers in Canada (in fact, its almost certainly going to work anywhere, since it can drop down to EDGE, etc too)
  3. aimulaidni's Avatar

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    Sorry for the delay, don't check this on a regular basis. Thanks for replying!
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    I'm also on a 3G only plan with T-Mobile Germany, no problems at all. Don't see any need to upgrade to 4G/LTE.
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    Same here. Works perfectly fine with a non-LTE SIM Card from T-Mobile Germany.
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    Ive heard about issues with using non-LTE sims with 4G-enabled devices, but that its nps if you use a 4G sim but set it to max 3G, or 2G or Off.
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    My iPhone worked with my LTE sim in it. It changed the 3g icon to 4g, but worked none the less.
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    Yes a non LTE / 4G sim works fine in a sim free UK 920
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    My tmo-usa Sim works fine... AFAIK all tmo USA Sims are non-lte since they don't offer letter service yet.

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