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    I'm finding it nigh impossible to find accessories for the 920. Good news Nokia has created such demand, but frustrating for the consumer trying to find anything for the Lumia 920 that ships to Canada. Looking for the Nokia JBL Power up speakers 50 or 100w, Play 360, Charging plates.. just *sigh*
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    I have emailed and tweeted both Nokia Canada and Rogers about this, but have received no response.

    I am surprised that they are just willing to turn customers with money in hand away...
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    I got a response from Rogers
    Chris @ Rogers@Rogers_Chris @weetigo We don't have anything to announce unfortunately.
    I also wrote Elop a letter about my frustration finding accessories for the 920, he responded with:

    stephen.elop@nokia.com (stephen.elop@nokia.com)(Dec 03, 2012, 4:25 AM)

    To: morphon@hotmail.com
    Thanks for the note, and I am sorry that it is hard in Canada. We are working with our partner there to broaden availability and distribution to meet requirements such as yours. Regards, Stephen
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    What kind of accessories are you looking for? Like the chargings pads and stuff? I got a case same day I bought it and a screen protector a few weeks later.
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    I was trying to buy Nokia purity by monster headphones. I ended up getting monster inspiration from future shop. I'm currently trying to buy Nokia JBL PlayUp speakers or even Nokia Play360. I'm also ready to buy a charging pad. @NokiaCanada responded to my tweet today and said they are looking internally for Canadian buyer options, as Amazon won't ship here.
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    No kidding. I braved the trip to the Microsoft Store at Yorkdale Mall last saturday. Holy ****balls.. It was a **** show at the mall. They didn't have the wireless charging pads but I bought 3 black charging stands which work great.

    It's bull****, but they look at it like this: 32 Million people in Canada vs 300+ million people in the US. They would rather ensure that the 300+ million market has stock than the 32 million market. It's a pain in the ***, but it happens all the time to us.
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    I could not locate a single wireless charging stand anywhere in Canada. I sent Nokia an email and they told me to view the accessories on their website. Kind of useless as I cannot purchase from that site and I already knew what I wanted. I ended finding a wireless charging stand at an ATT7T in Bangor.

    Oh for the record, wireless charging is simply awesome.

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