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    I was hoping that Rogers will offer the Lumia 920 in others colors than black but welll ... they don't. I'm looking to my alternative.

    - buy one from AT&T, but from a quick serach it seems that there's no real unlocking solution for now
    - buy one unlocked from shops like Expansys: Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Yellow (Unlocked) #LUMIA920-YLW - EXPANSYS Canada but from the description it doesn't seem to be a LTE model, is that possible?

    Any others shops offering it unlocked and with LTE bands?

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    The one from Expansys is the international version that has a different set of LTE bands than the Rogers/AT&T versions.

    If you want LTE support in Canada, you are stuck with the Rogers black version.
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    Thank you. So I'm going to be a little more patient and wait for an unlock solution for AT&T devices or maybe a miracle from Rogers for Christmas ...

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