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    I had Tmobile family plan with my parents for years and I just transferred to AT&T because of the 920, though, my phone is not activated yet(still on its way to me slowly), and my parents haven't released me from their family plan. I am wondering what will happen if I don't activate the phone with AT&T and instead unlock it with third party? Will I be able to just cancel the AT&T contract? Because I have read threads here about switching to Straightalk. Any ideas?
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    Unfortunately the phone is locked and will not be able to be unlocked for a few months. T-Mobile will work when unlocked.. 3G will depend on if you live in a 1900 refarm area. When T-Mobile deploys their LTE network, it will work with that.

    StraightTalk will work right now without unlocking. Make sure you get the AT&T version MicroSIM.

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