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    I have the Matte Black Lumia 920. I love this phone.

    Not really a fan of cases or screen protectors. Mainly because it's a waste of $ to be honest. Especially on the 920, this phone could take a beating.

    Having said that, it'd be cool to "dress up" your phone differently without buying a case of some sort.

    So, like the title of this thread.... Are the Shells/Enclosures of the Lumia 920's available for purchase?
    You obviously have to take apart your 920 to install such thing, so you would have to be comfortable with doing such process. I've handled it before on other phones, why would this phone be any different.
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    I'm sure there are mobile phone cart vendors in various malls that *might * have these and can install them.
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    I'm also interested in this. I know there was a video way back of a black 800 being changed to a cyan.

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